Young businessman Juanito Alfa (Juanito Alfa Nanlohy) from Ambon, Maluku, has successfully run several enterprises in a variety of industrial sectors, including services, fragrance, and beauty. He was nurtured and received his education in Jakarta, Indonesia after being born on December 6, 1990, in Ambon.

He started in branding and marketing communications, building up a portfolio of noteworthy projects for businesses in the hospitality, real estate, and retail sectors, including Agung Sedayu Group & Trans Corp. In addition, he has experience working for a newly established state-owned corporation in Indonesia, where he played a key role in developing Labuan Bajo's executive ferry port, shopping district, and five-star hotel. He has also created multiple start-up companies in the travel agency, beauty, and cosmetic manufacturing sectors, producing hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Juanito, in addition to his role as a brand strategist and development person, has successfully carried out several branding, promotion, and marketing activities at several of these companies, earning him a reputation among Indonesian marketing activists. He is also the founder and CEO of NAMXL fragrance, a well-known Indonesian perfume brand. With his skills and team, he founded UO Creative Agency, a marketing, branding, and business development agency on the island of Bali, in 2022.